We’re a talented team of software experts, passionate about Erlang & Elixir and with an unwavering belief in the open-source future. We’re a safe pair of hands; one that liberates our partners from operational complexity so they can focus on their business growth. It's simple, we help keep our clients' businesses moving.

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Our clients inspire us to go above and beyond to make our products fit their custom needs, for today and tomorrow.

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No other company can boast our level of Erlang expertise. We are built to provide specialist services in Erlang-based systems. 

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We organise world class online training courses so you or your entire teams become BEAM experts!

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You can port Erlang on the hardware and operating systems of your choice. Packages for the standard Erlang/OTP and Elixir.

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Erlang has been around for 30 years but not everyone knows about it.

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Gaming is a big part of our offer. From developing large-scale multiplayer online games (MMOG) to chat systems and scalable infrastructure, we’re a trusted partner.

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Online Gambling & Betting

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Erlang systems transport 40% of all telecoms data. Clients benefit practically and financially because strategic process results in reduced costs and time-to-market.

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Messaging & Social

WhatsApp, the most widely known Erlang based messaging system is a significant project to which we contributed. It supports over 800 million active users and 30 billion messages daily and is an iconic example of a reliable scalable messaging solution. We offer the same level of skill and experience needed to develop a complex project on a similar scale.

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We offer development and support services to diverse clients; from banks and financial institutions to trading companies,
e-commerce companies and specialist payment partners.

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We help clients maintain high standards. Our software helps deliver the right content in the right format, on time and to the right place but at a significantly lower cost.

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